CCTV Drain Survey

When it comes to keeping domestic drains and sewers in good working condition; it was once a hard task to achieve. The reason behind that was hard to find potential issues until they have developed into serious problems.

But it is no longer an issue; thanks to the CCTV technology. Omkar Jet Service is a leading provider of CCTV drain surveying services that habits of using the latest camera equipment to check inside of drains and sewers. With the help of a remote-controlled camera unit assessment can be performed. So, there is no longer any need to dig up the ground or enter the pipes to perform the checks.

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How do CCTV drain surveys work?

Modern CCTV drain survey technology makes inspecting drains and sewers more efficient than before. A wheel-mounted camera unit is sent into the inspection area which sends the high-definition images back to a monitor.

From these images, our expert team check the condition of the pipes from their mobile apps and smartly identifies the potential issues like hairline cracks, collapsed sections and stubborn blockages and rodent infestations.

On completion of the survey, we review the images and recommend solutions to any problems we discover.

Benefits of CCTV drain surveys?

  • Cost-Effective Way
  • No Manual Physical Intervention Needed
  • High-Quality Images Brings More Clarity of Problems

We have CCTV surveying equipment for pipes of all shapes and sizes that generate high-quality images that guarantee the identification of any problem. We also provide evidence of problems by sending the survey report that contains the captured CCTV images.