Pit Tank Cleaning

Pit Tank cleaning needs extra expertise and skilled effort with the right tools. At Omkar Jet, we deal with the cleaning of storm water/sewer/ subsoil pit cleaning through self-owned low clearance vacuum truck. The truck is always ready to capitulate 60 meters of hose and is usually readily available for emergency works. Our vacuum truck also has a 31lpm High-Pressure jetter for ultimate pit cleaning attached with drainage pipes.

The Submersible pump often fails due to the high quantity of silt in the pits. It not only causes damage to pump impellors (seals) but also starves the pumps from the liquid that triggers them to overheat. Such a scenario can destruct the mechanical seals and allow water to access the electric motor, reducing resistance to earth and resulting in pump tripping the circuit breaker.

Being an active part of “Swatch Bharat” campaign initiated by the Government of India, we always dispose of all the liquid waste at a licensed liquid waste treatment plant.

Some of our services related to the Pit Tank Cleaning:

  • Contracted Preventative Maintenance (Pump Services)
  • Pump Repairs / Rebuilds
  • Pump Sales
  • Pump Installations including Pipework & Valving
  • Control Panel Installations/Upgrades including VSD/Repairs
  • Float Switch/Pressure Switch/Transducer’s Supply & Install
  • Vacuum Truck for all Pit/Tank Cleaning & Jetting
  • 24/7 service provider